Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mixed media questions

Artists Create Original Art:
When we were assigned this project, and one of the themes was fear, one thought immediately popped into my mind: Clown. Specifically, the Steven King's It. I attempted to make the clown as creepy as possible, much like he was in the movie, and used tissue paper, paint, and colored pencils to create the over all look. It was my idea to use tissue paper that was cut up as his hair, which I thought brought focus from the haunted house back to the clown. I also mixed white and black paint sloppily and swirled it around the paper so the background didn't look too dark.

Artists Collaborate:
While I was creating this masterpiece, I was originally planning on putting colors in the background of the clown. It was going to be stripes and spots and fun designs. I thought the different colors would represent variation and repetition would be similar line designs. As I started drawing, Mrs. Rossi came to me and told me to paint something different in the back ground. I pondered what I could draw, and came up with a haunted house. My first idea was to paint a tree, but the peers at my table told me to do a haunted house, and I am beyond glad I listened!

Artists Reflect:
I started painting the black sky, originally with tissue paper and water. I was planning on making the sky different shades, so that it wouldn't just be a black sky which would be kind of boring. Although it was turning out black! I couldn't figure out how to make the sky look different shades of black. Then I came up with the idea to mix black and white paint and swirl it around the paper and it turned out marvelously! I considered the options, and this idea seemed the best. Also, when I painted the hair on the clown with paint, I could not get the hair to look like... well hair! It wasn't developing texture, or the appearance of texture. I looked back and decided what to do. I eventually came up with cutting and gluing strands of tissue paper, and it looks like hair now!

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