Monday, April 7, 2014

Up close and personal QUESTIONS

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
As I was working on the final drawing for the butterfly, I had to come up with a background behind that was challenging me. I eventually decided with green shading in the background, as sort of a leaf or trees in the back. As I was working on the background, I learned a lot about shading with different types of green. I worked with lighter greens and darker greens, and it took some time to finally figure out how to get the right mix of green in certain areas and to blend it the correct way. I already knew how to work with colored pencils, although before going into this project I did not understand how to blend the colored pencils. My work always looked like a fifth graders artwork, until now!

Artists Reflect:
I analyzed my work when I was deciding whether to final draw the colored pencils or the butterfly. The colored pencils actually did not turn out the way I had imagined, as I did not understand how to blend fully until the end of the project. I eventually decided to draw the butterfly because it looked better and I knew I could make it even better looking in the final piece. I considered how the background to the final of the butterfly would look before I drew it, and also I tried different shadings for the wings of the butterfly before drawing it.

Artists Solve Problems:
As I was drawing the sketch for the colored pencils, I saw it turning out looking not how I had imagined! It looked not shaded well, with not enough contrast and darker and lighter spots. I decided to add more coloring, but put in more work with the butterfly so eventually chose that one for the final piece. The wings in the butterfly also looked a little fake so I tried different blends of colors and it made a world of a difference and made the butterfly look much more realistic.

Up close and personal

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