Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation Project (Questions)

Artists Create Original Art:

When the topic "sticky situation" was presented to me, immediately a few things came to my mind: Gum and a bad situation. I wanted to not have just one use of the term "sticky situation", but to incorporate a couple. The idea came to me to have a shoe stuck in gum and a truck coming in the background. It was an original idea, but I used a picture of a shoe and a truck to more accurately represent the objects that would be the main focus. The perspective I used on the painting I believe was unique because it is a close up of the shoe in gum and in the background the truck is plowing forward. Also, the use of the dotted lines in the road helped to create the perspective I wanted.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:

Not only did I gain experience with painting on a canvas, but I also learned new techniques from my teacher. I learned to paint a solid color background to contrast with whatever you paint over it, for example I painted my canvas blue before going over it in grey for the road. I also learned to paint the entire object and then go back with details over the paint. For example, I painted the shoe red entirely and then went over it with white for the shoe laces and white for the toe of the shoe and the side of the shoe. It made the lines crisper and neater and did not have an impact on the brightness of the white.

Artists Solve Problems:

I actually encountered several obstacles while painting my final piece. At first I painted the road just a solid grey color, but as I looked outside I noticed the road was not a solid grey, it had traces of white and black. I tried to figure a way to incorporate these marks into my piece. At first I thought to put tiny black and white dots, but realized the amount of time that would take. So as a solution, I mixed black and white on my pallet but not completely, so there were traces of white and black among the grey. Then I made dots all over my paper and smeared them with my fingers. It made the texture appear similar to a road. Another challenge I faced was getting the gum to look realistic. I figured out to put giant globs of pink paint in the gum and it gave it the texture of real gum!